Automation QA interview

Trainee – junior level

Which tests should be automated at first?
What design patterns have you used for test automation?
What is Page Object?
What is Test Fixtures?
What are the benefits of using Cypress for e2e testing?
How do you handle different types of selectors on a page?
What are the best practices for writing maintainable and scalable Cypress tests?
How do you handle sensitive data such as passwords or tokens?
When a test throws an error, how will you debug and identify the cause of the error?
What is the difference between before/beforeEach and after/afterEach?
What is alias? How did you use it?
Difference between cy.wait() and timeout? How did you use it?
What is baseUrl in Cypress? How and where you can set it?
How to iterate over a data array?
Why you need to use .then in Cypress? When it may be used?
How to intercept requests in Cypress?
How to send an API request in Cypress?
Data types in JavaScript?
What is headed and headless mode in Cypress?
What is CI/CD?
What is Docker? Why do we need it?
What browsers does Cypress work with?
Why does Cypress execute commands sequentially instead of asynchronously?
What is cy.session?
What is Node.js?
What are Classes and Constructors in JavaScript?
What are TDD and BDD?
What should we do with flaky tests? Does it makes sense to have them in the suite?